Artists in the form of Classical Singers, Ghazal Singers, Qawali Singers,
Musicians, Classical Dancers light up the cultural scene wherever they go

We believe that Literature Art and Culture are beyond boundaries and cannot be limited to a geographical area. For example, Lata Mangeshkar was loved in Pakistan as much as Noor Jahan was admired in India. Manto is read in both countries. And Faiz’s Hum Dekhen Ge has been used as an anthem for change by activists in both countries.

The graceful Nahid Siddiqi taught Kathak in England for many decades. There were also Gauri Sharma Tripathi and Sujata Banerji who trained many British born children into the disciplines of Kathak, teaching them in a structured way with level 1 to 5 certificates, giving the students a sense of achievement at each level. 

In England we have ghazal singers, such as Sudeep Banerji, Radhika Chopra, Munni Begum, Ghulam Ali, coming from both India and Pakistan regularly. We have many dedicated singers in England who keep the tradition of ghazal alive.