We emphasise the importance of books.
As book lovers we promote writers and hold book launches too.

Two books have been launched by TLCL.

A Love Letter to Men and Women by Huma Price puts men and women in their

  1. Physiological,
  2. historical,
  3. geographical,
  4. cultural,
  5. psychological

context and tried to explain gender roles within that

2.    The book is divided into 12 chapters with Introduction and Conclusion in addition. 

  • The first 4 chapters 1 to 4 are about men
  •  The next 4 chapters 5 to 8 are about women
  • 9, 10 and 11 are about what happens when men and women come together such as marriage, children and divorce
  • The Final chapter is about Love. 

Conversations with my Father is a book by Moneeza Hashmi, about her conversations with her father, the legendary Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz.