Theatre has been immensely popular in India and Pakistan
as promoting culture.Many plays have been brought to England
from the subcontinent for several decades. 

Gulzar’s TV Serial Ghalib, with Jagjit Singh’s music and his singing of Urdu kalam in a pure Urdu accent took high quality Urdu poetry and music to the masses who may not even have been aware of it previously.

Rifat Shamim, founder of ran a group called Indo-Pak Theatre Association (IPTA), which was a UK based Theatre Company
committed to producing and performing South Asian Language based theatre. Iss Manjdhar Mein was the inaugural production of IPTA and it remains a favourite of the director for its inherently elegant literary yet

The expressive style of Urdu language, delineation of character and its philosophical but balanced approach to life and death that mixes
melodrama with comic relief.